Add-Ins tab disappears

If you try to preview a workbook or try to print from the print preview screen when the Add-Ins tab is active, the Add-Ins tab disappears. The Add-Ins tab might disappear due to other operations too.  Do the following to avoid this.

If you need to do print preview, switch to a different  tab like Home tab then do print preview.


Excel does not close

There are several reasons for this happening.

1 -  If you open the add-ins by clicking the file and your Excel is not open, Excel might not close.      
       Solution - Open your Excel first then open the file.  Click the following buttons to open the file.


2 - Your macro security might be too high.     
      Solution - Lower your macro security setting.

3 - If you have loaded any of the Dean's Office Excel programs as Add-Ins and have problem running it, try the following.

(QDB/GLPP FPM ADHOC REPORTING is used as an example)

Step 1 - Uncheck the program in the Add-Ins listing

(QDB/GLPP FPM ADHOC REPORTING is used as an example) 
Click these buttons to activate the Add-Ins screen

Uncheck the Add-ins for example QDB/GLPP FPM ADHOC REPORTING

Step 2 - Opening the program

Click the following buttons to open the file.

Browse to the directory where the Excel file is. Select the file and click open.
Step 2 - Running the program

Click the Add-Ins tab, click QDB/GLPP FPM ADHOC REPORTING


You need to open the file every time you open Excel.