Financial Reporting Program

Composed of 3 Programs

  1. Fund Run Program - Recreates the Fund Run (FSO 150) report for a specified time period and range of funds.
  2. Account/Fund Summary Program - Summarizes account and fund data by selected categories based on a variety of criteria.
  3. Fund Overdraft Program - Summarizes fund information based on a specified overdraft amount.

A. Download & Install Financial Reporting Program
To install the program please download the Financial Reporting Application. (The file to be downloaded is "finapp.exe".) It is a self-extracting zip file. Double click the "finapp.exe" file to unzip the files.  Double click on "C\FiscalSetup\setup.exe" to continue installation and follow the setup instructions. The default directory to install the Financial Reporting Program is "C:\Fiscalrp". After installation, you are ready to run Financial Reporting Application. (If you are using a desktop shortcut, please make sure the shortcut is pointing to the new application.)  Go Back