Dean's Office Dashboards

Deanís Office provides two dashboards for launching its programs. You can download them through the following links. These are zipped files and you need a password to unzip them. When launching a program, the dashboard checks for update. If there is one, it will be updated. Auto-update is silent and does not require any interaction. Please read the help files for more information.

These programs do not need any drive mapping to Somdeans. If you have mapped a drive, please ummap it.
Dashboard will create a directory called "C:\DOApps". Users need full admission to this directory.
You need to enable macros in Excel, for Excel Dashboard. See help.
MDS and CPL Budget(FY03-FY06) applications do not run on Windows 7 64 bit.  

Program Descriptions & Manuals Instructions Files to Download

Dashboard Version

Excel Dashboard 

You need to enable macros. Non-Medical Enterprise Users


Excel 2007 work around


Alan x40775
  Programs Dashboard 


Excel 2007 work around


Alan x40775